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Data Recovery - File Conversion - Video Conversion

Let's be perfectly honest - data recovery can be very expensive even if no data is recovered. At Rescue My Computer if we are not able to recover data from a hard drive - we will tell you right up front.  If we do not recover data there is no charge.

Data can be recovered from a hard drive, SSD, flash drive, mobile tablet, SD card.  

Another important point to remember is this.  If your computer stops running, will not turn on, or does turn on but will not boot into the operating system - thats a good sign.  Meaning that the hard drive may be intact and the data is still in good shape.  As a warning, you do not want to reinstall the operating system because that may render your data unusable.  The more a hard drive has data written on it the less of a chance you have to recover complete files.  So the best option is to let us take a look at the hardware and make a determination on how successful a recovery will be.  Our main concern is recovering of your files.  Our expeiriece tells us that many residential and some business customers DO NOT have a backup of their data.  We tell all of our customers to maintain their important data in two places.


Data Recovery

All data that is not accessible is not always lost!  Just let us know what type of media and we'll take a look at it.  No recovery - No charge



Networks and computers have become more complicated, but also more robust with new devices making them more flexible and practical for business and residential use.



These services include logo design, photo enhancement, presentations, album creation, video conversions, short video ads and many other services for residential and business use. 

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Today's marketing problems are complex, specialized and ever changing. Who can keep up with all the latest trends and technologies? We can.

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Your ingenious ideas. Our experience

Best Ideas

Bring us your wildest ideas and we'll give you an honest assessment of how it could best be accomplished.  Communication, as with any project is the key.  So maintaining close contact is very important in ensuring a successful and postivie outcome


To provide continued support before, during and after, we maximize the use of remote tools.  Thes tools allow us to view your computer from anywhere and trouble shoot the problem.  In some case a office/house vist is not necessary.

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We are professionals and highly respective of the peple we work with. Striving to maintain that has allowed us to gain repeat and word of mouth references. Its the best type of advertisement anyone can get.

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We like to be results-orientd. We like to receive feedback from our customers as our way of adjusting our standards and approach.